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A Most Special and Warming Cuddling Moment

A Most Special and Warming Cuddling Moment

“My Mom successfully fought off breast cancer last year, but the process we pretty rough for a lady in her 80’s. She had a mastectomy and had to do months and months of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy rooms were always really cold. I had given her a Qisume alpaca blanket the year before and it quickly became her favorite blanket because she thought is was so soft and beautiful. However, it became her favorite blanket of all time when it became her traveling blanket that went with her to her chemotherapy sessions. The blanket is light weight, which made it easy for her to carry , (even in her weakened condition), but despite being light, it was really warm. She spent many hours wrapped in that blanket during her chemotherapy sessions, reading books and fighting off cancer. Months later, the cancer is gone and her hair has grown back. This is a photo of her and her blanket that my (happy) Dad recently took.


I am so grateful to still have my Mom with me, and so grateful that you guys made that rough time in her life just a little bit easier.


Thank you Qisume !






pD. It is STILL her favorite blanket of all time.”



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