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Pride Month.

Pride Month.

We’ve created a Wool Blanket that connects with you.

PRIDE Month is an important time of year for the LGBTQIA+ community.  It’s exciting to watch communities celebrate their culture and identity.  In June of last year (2021), Mark and I wanted to create something that would connect with the LGBTQIA+ community.  We played with different patterns and colors that represent the rainbow of colors that resonate with the Pride flag, a longstanding symbol of LGBTQIA+ identity. We have named this fabulous wool blanket the Rainbow Starburst. We hope that this small gesture will speak to our respect and admiration for our community.  We have kept this blanket beyond “Pride” season because it’s become one of our top selling blankets!   The idea of Qisu is about appreciating beauty.  That includes appreciating the beauty in yourself.   No matter who you are, you are beautiful!  During this month especially, we hope you see this in yourself and others.   


So, to all of our Pride family and friends, you need to hug a lot, feel safe, stay warm and be pampered.


Your Qisu family.



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