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Our Story

Beauty is Appreciated

QISU started with an idea of beautiful giving and remains so today.  When local craftsmen in Ecuador or artists in Argentina proudly make their products, they invest themselves. Upon finding beautiful and cuddly Alpaca blankets for sale in an Ecuadorian open market, our two founders, Fernando and Mark, decided to buy them as holiday presents. The gasps, smiles and hugs left a great feeling that they want to share with others.  QISU is a word in the ancient language, Qichwa, that literally means “One who appreciates beauty”. It is a word of watching the flower bloom near a flowing river.


All of the products that we sell are handcrafted, unique and inspired with a proud tradition and personal beauty. And, each one is a gift from artisan hands to yours.


We envision a world where the fair trade of beautiful, handmade and locally sourced products creates sustainable opportunity for local communities. 


We bring beautiful, artisanal and handmade products that express the beauty of local communities to our customers.

Commitment to Local

We localize as much labor as possible within the communities from which our products originate.  We pay fair wages.  Our processes and sources are sustainable.

Respect the Earth

We utilize natural products and utilize green shipping where we can.

This blanket is just plain comfortable. Like most couples, my husband is far more hot-blooded than I, so even in the heat of summer, the air conditioning is pumping in our house. Married bliss continues though, partly to the credit of these blankets. Lightweight, soft, and so comfortable to cozy up during Netflix nights. It also looks impressive just thrown over a chair as well...

Fernando Gonzaga


Mark Erwin