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Beauty is Appreciated

Welcome to Qisu!

We are so very happy that you found us and are interested enough to check us out! Welcome! We are very passionate about QISU for many reasons, but mostly because QISU started with an idea of beautiful giving. Do you ever think of someone when you see something and just know they will love it? We sure do. That is doubly true for us when we are blessed with traveling. On trips, we experience many beautiful artisanal and locally handmade items that remind us of others. "Oh, wouldn't your mother love that" is a thing, right? Usually, the handmade items also reflect some cultural artistry of the community or some uniqueness of the culture. We think how some proud, local craftsperson has invested of themselves. In 2019, we had one of these moments in a small south American open market. In this case, the items were beautiful and cuddly Alpaca blankets – they were just so soft and beautiful. Since it was also nearing the holiday season, we decided to buy a few as holiday presents and some extra to possibly sell. We sold all the extras we had bought in a week! People just loved them. So, when we returned on another trip a few months later, we bought more, and then more and more. Ultimately, we thought “What the heck?”. Why not make a little side business out of it?

When coming up with our name, we wanted gifting, thankfulness and beauty at the core of our brand. Since we appreciate local cultures and styles, we wanted our brand to have a piece of the South American community where we started. After looking for a while, we found an ancient Incan Qichwa word "QISU" and learned that it's meaning was "one who appreciates beautiful things". We knew we had found the “something perfect”.

We are QISU. We welcome you to our family of locally handmade artisanal gifts from distant lands. Each product is handcrafted, unique and inspired with a proud, beautiful tradition. We hope that each one is a perfect gift from local artisan hands to yours.


We envision a world where the fair trade of beautiful, handmade and locally sourced products creates sustainable opportunity for local communities.


We bring beautiful, artisanal and handmade products that express the beauty of local communities to our customers.


We localize as much labor as possible within the communities from which our products originate. We pay fair wages. Our processes and sources are sustainable.


We utilize natural products and utilize green shipping where we can.